I watched this movie back in April on my iphone on an airplane trip to new orleans, yes it’s way too much information, but then again, I’m a writer, or not, okay I’m long winded, and go off on rants, shit there i go again. Anyway, I saw “Insidious” a couple months back and thought I’d give it another shot since netflix released it yesterday, even though i remember it not being good. Two thoughts popped in my tiny, little brain that rekindled some original problems i had with the movie upon first viewing. Number One: WHAT THE FUCK IS UP WITH THAT DEMON? He looked like Darth Maul with a Freddy Kreuger sillouette that was re-imagined by Jim Henson. Help us Obi -wan Kenobi! You’re our only hope! Number Two: THIS MOVIE IS WAY TOO SILLY. What a shame too, it could have been real good and started off a creepy haunted house psychological thriller and ended up being the feel good “Ghost” remake of the year! I think it started going downhill when the ghost hunters were looking for spirits with their viewmasters. Christ! And the gas mask EVP session? WHAT? Ah shit! I’m getting all worked up over fiction again. You’re going to need at least 8 gravity bong hits for this one, I caught it with only 3 hits, and this is my reaction. Actually, heed my directions carefully: Insert the “Insidious” disc, take 3 bong hits, get up, take out movie, watch “Poltergeist” or “The Entity” instead…more bong hits, eat ice cream. This should cure severe depression. As always, thanks for stopping by and reading.

Listening To: Devendra Banhart “Don’t Look Back In Anger”,  Alkaline Trio “Cooking Wine”, Bouncing Souls “Kate Is Great”, The North Atlantic “Scientist Girl”, Joy Division “Disorder”, Minus The Bear “Guns and Ammo”, Queens of the Stone Age “Avon”, The Rolling Stones “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”, Death Cab For Cutie “Soul Meets Body”

About belchdini

I love horror and comedies mainly, My quest is to give my fellow bloggers brief reviews of the best and worst of horror tv and film with a twist of humor. My site will also display trailers of movies that i love and/or want to see. Please Enjoy! and share if you like what you read! I am also an avid musician and songwriter, short story writer, actor and student of computer science and graphic design. My bands include The Alaskan (alternative one man band), Slide of Hand (alternative comedy), and Happy Scrappy: Hero Pup (Improv Noise), links to all my music sites are listed below if you'd like a listen. I am certainly no expert when it comes to horror and comedy, my ego is just big enough to think people will read and enjoy, hopefully laugh at my posts. I know im not the only fucked up person in this world...ENJOY MY BRAIN, ZOMBIES!

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  1. jlmicek says:

    Gonna have to check out the movie. On a side note: Apart from Liam Neeson, Ray Park’s Darth Maul was about the only high point of “Phantom Menace.” It would have been nice if they’d kept him around as a continuing villain since he had the right amount of mystery and menace about him. Subsequent films could have explored his backstory and he could have served as a mentor to Anakin as he crossed over to the dark side. It was a wasted opportunity of characterization, just like Boba Fett from the earlier movies.

    And, by the way, Boba Fett was ruined for me when I found out he was just a whiny little kid.

  2. I was let down that the twist of astral projection wasn’t really a twist. I found it exceedingly evident that astral projection was the case very early in the film. It would have been more interesting if the film had been able to keep that aspect vague so that during the reveal of the problem the audience would have been “surprised”.

  3. Hottywood says:


  4. paolocase says:

    There’s some hope in the stylistic departments here, like the red lighting and the houses. I’ll live in the first house. I don’t care if it’s haunted.

    But yes, this movie falls flat.

  5. Sootopolis says:

    Hi, thanks for dropping by my site and liking a couple of my posts :) I don’t watch too many horror movies these days (trauma from watching them as a kid) and haven’t seen this one but I loved your review. The movie seems such a train wreck it’s got me intrigued enough to want to see it.

  6. T0mo says:

    Kool review, Pity the film wasn’t as entertaining!

  7. Geordie says:

    Just to let you know, I love reading your blog and nominated you for the Liebster Award… it’s a bit of fun. Check it out here: http://socialpsychol.wordpress.com/2011/11/22/liebster-award/

  8. mandeeklive says:

    Actually bust out laughing when you called the demon “Darth Maul”, because when my husband and I watched this film, he said the exact same thing… and yes, I laughed then, as well.

    This “movie”, more like a sad excuse for entertainment, was a pitiful, predictable, and laughable rehashing of so many bad “horror” films, of today. Where the focus is more on how the film “looks”, rather than an actual story line.

    And that’s my 2 cents. ;) Thanks, M|K

  9. Hey.. I rant all the time and love it lol. So keep on ranting. And Thanks for reviewing this film.. I think I might try viewing this

  10. Poor demon! Always so misunderstood… all he wanted was to reach out to someone by singing a few heartwarming verses of ‘It’s not easy being red and black’… *sigh*

    Nice ranting.

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